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guys listen to me. the owner jon is a fraud. he is part of a blackhat community and aims towards conning you out of your money. i joined them made over 2k and the owner messaged me on skype saying your a fraud next thing i know my account is banned. when i am part of over 5 repuablt companys never an issue. tehy are 3months old but having reviews from people claiming they been working with them for over 6months making 10s of thousands fraud mcuh?

do your self a favor read this and dont make the same mistake i did. just put the extra effort and stay away. join a reputable company. ex maxbounty cpaleead cpabold anything just not thsese fraud cases.

dont beleive the reviews online they are all payed to and faked by him. when i first joined he even offered me $2 to write a 5 star review for him. i declined. stay away from this *** man he will say and od anything to get you to join.

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Review about: Account Ban.


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You can see our real reviews here:

A publisher MUST comply with the advertiser terms. Your traffic did not comply with the advertiser terms. If you had complied with the advertiser terms then you would have been paid.

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CPA Beyond is definitely a legit compamy! I've been paid by them many times, I have a lot of friends who are working with CPABeyond. It's just a fake review - many replies written the same day from the same author.


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As Hamik said, "I've never had a problem with Jon, he always pays me on time and for the correct amount as well, I'm pretty sure much of these comments are ***, Jon is one of the nicest AMs I have dealt with." You can also google our reviews of our company and payout screenshots aswell. I don't know who you are - but slandering me isn't cool.

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This review is fake in attempt to slander my company, if you gave me your affiliate email I could solve this ASAP for you but you never even mentioned your affiliate email and based upon the tags you used in the description you are slandering my company through SEO. We Pay Daily and Weekly on traffic sent to us, we have been in business since 2009. This is a slander review.

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Classic scam.Stay away from Jon and his network.

This seems to be a pattern that everyone is noticing upon working with CPA Beyond.I've spoken to 20-30 people who have not been paid for their hard work.


I've never had a problem with Jon, he always pays me on time and for the correct amount as well, I'm pretty sure much of these comments are ***, Jon is one of the nicest AMs I have dealt with.


i made $280 and tryed to cash out today.then 5minutes later.

the owner banned me and said i didnt exist in the records.

what do i me


these guys are nigeran fraudsters scam artist.they stole 4k from me as soon as i earned it.

then deleted my acount i asked jon about this he said there is no record of me ever joinin his company.

typical..when come time to pay affilate they delete account lie and use every trick in the book to scam you

this is my honest review of they are scammers scam


i wish i read this before.the owner jon scammed me.

i made $500 then time cash out time typical. he goes sorry theres a glitch in your account next day im banned and lose the $500 i earned from 100000% legit traffic sources. im done im joining maxbounty next. is a TOTAL fraud.i did research he does fake his vouchs.

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